Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

Social media is a collective term for various online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on which users provide the content. The great strength of social media is the interaction and dialogue between the different users. The content that users share can range from textual information, photos, videos, and podcasts. Social media statistics in 2021 some channel is more suitable for a certain type of content than another social media channel.

Social media working algorithm

Social media works with an algorithm. An algorithm is a mathematical formula that behind the scenes ensures that social media can respond to your and their own needs. Algorithms have been created to ensure that the social media content provided by users does not become a major mess. With this, the channels ensure that information from users is ordered. Nowadays, almost all messages on social media are posted for a commercial reason. However, the social media statistics channels naturally want to remain relevant for the users. That is why there is a so-called algorithm. The different channels naturally want to make money and ensure that advertisements are attractive to companies through the algorithm. In this way, the channels ensure that money comes in. The good thing about such an algorithm is that it takes into account all kinds of possible events and can always adapt to these events.

Just check with yourself: you have liked and/or viewed some cat videos a few times on, for example, Facebook. Then you suddenly get to see a lot more cat videos right? The algorithm is responsible for that. Yeah!! It is also getting smarter as more people use social media channels. Because you keep liking, sharing, or even just viewing certain things, the algorithm learns what you like and offers content that you might also want to see.

Meet these social media statistics in 2021

We are constantly looking for practical, smart, and actionable facts about social media. By being well informed, we can always provide you with the best possible service. In our searches for the best facts, we regularly come across social media statistics that are interesting. Again, we have obtained several interesting social media statistics for you. You can find them below!

Social media first, then buy

Nowadays it is very common to first check social media before deciding whether to make a purchase or not. Research shows that 93 percent of online shoppers first check social media before buying. Because of this, it is of course very important to be active on social media. Are you not found on the social channels, but your competitor is? Then you are guaranteed to miss out on opportunities.

Emoticons are growing in popularity

Previously, companies did not use emoticons at all. It would be unprofessional and unbelievable. This is now coming back to because it appears that business posts with emoticons are more interesting than posts without emoticons. The number of responses to a post increases by an average of 33 percent when the post features emoticons.

Photo material remains important

Companies are constantly looking for ways to increase engagement on social media. There are several options for this. An important focus should be on photographic material. It turns out that posts with photo material receive 180 times more engagement than posts without photo material. Always use your own photos or royalty-free photo material.

Pinterest is becoming more and more interesting for companies

For a decade, Pinterest has lagged a bit behind the other social channels, until the corona crisis came around. Pinterest exploded in one fell swoop! Meanwhile, Pinterest users spend an average of 15 percent more on purchases via the platform than users on Facebook.

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Engagement boost on Instagram

Of course, companies are looking for more engagement on all social channels. Yet this turns out to be a lot easier on one platform than on another social channel. Do you want to ensure more engagement relatively easily? Then it is best to choose Instagram. Companies that are present on Instagram receive on average 25 percent more engagement than companies that are not active on Instagram.

Evaluate and adjust

Precisely because there are so many social media statistics in 2021 available, it is essential to consider which ones are relevant to your company. When you use social media for branding, it is interesting to look at reach or followers. If your objective is to stimulate website visits, you may attach more value to involvement and website visits.

With the aid of a social media management company, you can investigate whether the performance of your posts differs. For example, on Instagram, you can test whether the use of 5 or 20 hashtags results in a higher reach, and which hashtags are the most effective. Whether that a short or long caption results in more involvement… and so on. In this way, you will find out what works for your target group.

Positive customers Experience

Now, it's nothing unexpected that social media marketing is fundamental for your business. Another way that your business could profit from social media advertising is by giving the most excellent client support. The thought here is to deal with your online presence and ensure that you stay in contact with your crowd through social media stages. This includes reacting to comments, mentions, tags, and messages.

Almost 71% of customers who have had a positive involvement in a brand via social media are probably going to prescribe the brand to their loved ones. By interacting with clients through social media stages you can explain to them that you give it a second thought. This progression could go far as building a positive relationship with clients. Along these lines, don't overlook your followers in any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and so forth and attempt to hit them up in a convenient way.

Further analysis in Google Analytics

Do you want to use social media to get more visitors to your site? Then it is useful to check in Google Analytics whether traffic via social media ends up on your website. For example, the acquisition report is interesting for this! Look at social as a channel or go to the social report.


As we discussed above the social media marketing statistics, various stages can fill various needs. You'll be the appointed authority of which social media stage contains your intended audience group which you need to market toward, and this could aid to shape your social media marketing plan. Utilize these media details to improve experiences into the world of social media, and how you can boost your outcomes utilizing these apparatuses.


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