The Role of Social media marketing in Real Estate Business

The Role of Social media marketing in Real Estate Business

Real Estate is the second most socially active industry. Agents, brokers, developers, and property managers all use social media to get their properties in front of more people. social media is the perfect place for people to find recommendations on anything and everything. Social media is extremely relevant for companies where services are essential for turnover. The brokerage is based on recommendations from others and who knows who. When you think about that for a moment, that is exactly the same as what social media is based on.

Most people who study real estate and real estate quickly experience an overload of information. There is an incredible amount of information about buying or selling a house on the internet. One part is a mess, another part is advertising and there is a part that is simply incorrect information.

People really want to have reliable and useful information. Everyone will therefore quickly get information from like-minded people, from communities where only one topic is highlighted and ideas and opinions are expressed. Partly because of this, sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have grown so quickly.

According to the recent survey, people  spend an average of 98 minutes on social media every day, increasing to 143 minutes among young people aged 15 to 19. The social media platforms that spend the most time on are WhatsApp and Facebook. WhatsApp currently has the most users in India. In total there are 12.1 million users, of which 9.3 million communicate daily via WhatsApp. After Whatsapp, Facebook follows with 7.1 million daily users.

The social media landscape in 2020 in highlights

  • We have all made more use of social media.
  • Low confidence does not mean that we say goodbye to social media.
  • On average, people are in 7 Whatsapp groups.
  • In a year without major scandals, Facebook has managed to grow slightly in users, except among young people.
  • The growth of Instagram is leveling off, especially among the target group 15-19 years.

 Social media marketing  in Real estate industry

#The speed of social media

When a campaign or launch of a new product goes online on social media, it can be picked up very quickly. When a campaign catches on with the target audience, it will spread like wildfire on social media, with the result that you have already created a large reach within a few hours to draw attention to your new product or service.

#An easy interaction with the target group

Interacting on social media is not difficult, you just need to know what your target audience needs. Social media is public, so everyone can respond to anything if he or she wants to, when messages are posted with good content and with good text that requires interaction, the reactions will come naturally. But you can also initiate interaction yourself by responding to posts and tweets from your target group.

#A wide range

More than 86% of the Indians are on social media, of which almost 9 million people have a Facebook account. That means that when you launch a message or campaign, and it catches on, sharing it, more and more people will see your message.

#Relatively low costs

Social media marketing services is cost-effective in the real estate category; it is one of the great advantages of and reaches a maximum number of the targeted audience. There is a single platform where you can choose a paid profile to get some extra options. There are advertising options, these of course cost money, but you are “in control” when it comes to the budget to be spent.

#Good to introduce new services and products

A number of advantages of social media together make social media the ideal platform to introduce a new product or service. This includes the speed, the long-range, the snowball effect, and the relatively low costs of social media. This shows that social media has all the ingredients for a successful social media campaign.

#The snowball effect

Digital Marketing for Real estate industry is the place for a snowball effect. The reason for this is the fact that a lot of people are on social media, and the second reason is that social media is a volatile media form. When a message is shared and it is picked up by the followers, a message can spread very quickly. For this reason, a snowball effect is a perfect tool for a social media campaign.

#Social media marketing is measurable

Statistics are incorporated in many social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. However, there are also many tools such as Hootsuite on the market that can measure some things. The advantage of measuring social media activities is that you get relevant information about your target group. What were the better messages, what time caught on, and were it mainly men or women who interact? You can use this information to better tailor your social media strategy to your target group.

#Building a network

 There are many social media platforms, and everyone has their preference on which platform he or she is located. By looking as an entrepreneur on which platforms your target group is mainly located, the social media strategy can be adjusted accordingly. This is important for building a network, this network consists of people who are interested in your company, your service or your product. This network is necessary to spread your story, increasing your viral reach and ultimately the network. It is a circle that is meant to grow bigger and bigger.


One of the other advantages of social media has nothing to do with social media, in this case, they have to do with the technology. Because of all Indian people, more than 70% have a smartphone and almost 50% have a tablet at home. The emergence of this mobile equipment in combination with the social media use of more than 86% of India means that entrepreneurs are literally in the pocket of the target group. In short, social media marketing services are a must for real estate, whether they are small or large companies.

#Many users

86% of Indian people over the age of 15 are on one of the social media platforms. Facebook is a leader with almost 9 million users, followed by YouTube with more than 7 million users. Then there is a gap with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram whose users are between 3 and 4 million. The fact that 86% of Indian people over the age of 15 are on social media means that it is an ideal pond for you as an entrepreneur to fish in.

Social media is current

It is difficult to find old news on social media, of course, if you make an effort you will find it. But when you open Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you will immediately fall into the news. Because social media is such a volatile platform and everything is shared immediately, you will always be aware of what is going on in the world.

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