Top 10 Tips to Navigate the New Wave of Influencer Marketing

Top 10 Tips to Navigate the New Wave of Influencer Marketing

If you have seen influencer marketing's benefits, you may be interested in incorporating the method into your marketing system. In this article, you will learn how you can harness influencers in your marketing campaign

Study the Different Types of Influencers

You can only choose the right influencers to represent your business if you know that they belong to different types. Take the channel, for instance. Some influencers are more prominent on Youtube and Instagram, while others are merely content in creating content on Facebook Marketing. It would help if you chose an influencer social channel based on your target market. 

Another thing that you should consider is the type of content. While some influencers are experts in creating videos, others are better at creating photos or short videos. The only way for you to find out if they are compatible with your brand is for you to visit their landing pages and study their content. 

Research Your Market

Similarly, you should also take a closer look at your target market. When you do this, you'll gain clarity on your market's needs and wants. Researching your market is essential, especially if you have an eCommerce website like Drum Set Lab and Hunting Bow Lab. It will help you define your referral incentives. The last thing you want to happen is to create a reward that no one wants. So it is always a good habit to ask your market before you do anything. 

Understand Effective Forms of Content in Your Niche

Aside from your market's wants, you should also take a look at the types of content that generates the most response. You'll see this in the engagement metrics in the range. It can be the likes, comments, or shares in the content. So if you want to know how to promote Etsy shop, you may need to look at what designs or items your ideal market likes. It will also give you tons of content ideas which you can use to promote your business.

Fortunately, influencers will have your work cut out for you. Since influencers naturally get tons of engagement to their content, all you need to do is look for their best-performing content and use that as inspiration. 

Study Your Target Influencers

Now that you have an idea of the type of influencer you want to target and have already taken a peek at their content, you now have to choose your influencers. These influencers are the people that you will contact for your campaigns. They will be your brand ambassadors, and they will be your go-to persons when you launch a new product or service. 

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Connect First, Ask Later

Once you find an influencer who can be a potential partner in your business, you can start the relationship by connecting. You don't have to ask for anything on the first contact. It would help if you connected for the sake of getting to know them. 

Once you have talked to each other enough times, what you do may be brought up. You can then share what you do. You can share your business and your products and services. When you do this, the influencer may even ask you if he or she can promote your products. You don't even need to ask them to do it. 

Focus on Collaboration Opportunities

Aside from letting influencers review your products, you can also invite them to collaboration opportunities. Collaboration opportunities are great because it stimulates one of the core interests of influencers – content creation. This content can come in the form of a video or written content. Or it can come as a product. In any case, its final output should be something that you and the influencer have worked together on. If it is a product design, you should have contacted your target influencer for constant feedback. 

Reach Out to them Personally

You can also stand out from all the brands begging influencers to promote them by reaching out to them personally. You can do this if you create events that will help you get to know the influencer in a face-to-face meeting. You can do this in different ways. You can invite them for a short meeting or dinner, or you can host an influencer meetup where you invite several influencers in the same niche to the event. If you have the budget, you can even host a massive conference in your market and attract influencers and merchants to your event. 

Think of Creative Methods of Approach

But you should not limit yourself to the methods included in this article. You should also think outside the box and look for ways to forge a relationship with an influencer without being too pushy. It is all about appealing to their need to create more content for their business. If you think along those lines, you'll have a better chance of coming up with a good idea to partner with your target influencers. 

Ask for Referrals

You can also harness influencer marketing better if you ask influencers for business referrals. You don't even need to launch a B2B referral program (Although that can be quite effective). You need to approach the influencers that have partnered with you in the past and ask them if they know someone who may need your services. It should be a simple message that has no strings attached. And they should not feel pressured to reply.

Track Your Results

There is a reason why business owners install software like referral or cart abandonment software. It is because the software works exceptionally well in tracking results. It would help if you made it a habit to track your influencer campaigns. Always record your metrics before and after your campaign to see if there are improvements. 

Influencer marketing may have evolved, but it doesn't mean that the method of approach has to change. Influencers are just people who have grand visions to change the world through the content they produce. Once you understand this, it will be easier to find influencers that resonate with your products and services – those influencers who just fit your brand and are excellent representations of it. Aim to find these people if you want your influencer marketing campaign to affect your business positively. 


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