WhatsApp Business API: The Future of Communication

WhatsApp Business API: The Future of Communication

Customers are critical to the success of any organization because businesses are customer-oriented. The way business leaders connect with their customers or clients can make or break their customer’s decision to do business with them. That's why it's paramount to always have effective and meaningful communication with customers. 

The latest launch of WhatsApp Business API made many organizations, especially, medium and large enterprises elevate their business messages like never before. Many companies such as retail and e-commerce, financial institutions, telecommunications, travel and hospitality,  have been already leveraging its benefits for their customer and business growth. 

Without delay, let’s go through the basics, dive deep into its features, and know how businesses can take advantage of this business messaging API at its best. 


Founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp started its journey as an alternative to SMS and in no time, it became the world’s most popular instant messaging platform. Later, it developed versions  (WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API) for businesses of all sizes. It can work for both Android and iOS platforms. 

WhatsApp Business API lets seamless communication with customers across the world, manages large volumes of business communication, and has various business tools useful for large businesses. It is best suitable for growing businesses with complex requirements, or businesses that have more than 500 customers, and who have to manage a huge amount of conversations. 

For more clarity among WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Business API, please go through the comparison table below with the key differences among the three. 

WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business API

It is for personal use. Users can send/receive messages one-to-one or in groups. 

It is best suited for SMBs and other local businesses. 

It is best suited for mid-sized companies and large enterprises.

Free to download and Free to use. 

Free to download and Free to use. 

It is a paid service. (1000 conversations are free every month)

The account can be used by a single user on a single device (phone) and on a web app (laptop). 

The account can be used by a single user and can be linked to up to 5 devices. 

A single account can be used on multiple devices. 

No business tools are provided. 

Business tools such as label conversations, short links and QR codes, broadcasts, automated messages, etc.

Business tools include templates, CRM integrations, automated replies, chatbots, customization, etc.

The broadcast limit is up to 256 contacts.

The broadcast limit is up to 256 contacts.

The broadcast limit is unlimited contacts.

Contacts can be synced through the Phone. 

Contacts can be synced through the Phone. 

Contacts can be synced through a CRM tool. 



The below-mentioned advanced features of WhatsApp Business API let business leaders and entrepreneurs drive customers, engage with their customers at a scale, and grow their businesses. 

  • Automated Messaging:

Businesses can broadcast unlimited messages to unlimited users. With clickable buttons, they can send messages at ease. Also, they can send automated  messages like appointment reminders, shipping notifications, order confirmation messages, abandoned cart notifications, etc. based on your business or services.

  • Integrations:

Business tools like CRM and e-commerce platforms can be integrated into this WhatsApp Business Platform.  There will be no limit to the number of integrations.

  • Chatbots:

Businesses can design and deploy chatbots to handle customer support issues and answer FAQs. Otherwise, integrating the Google Gemini AI chatbot into your WhatsApp API will become a powerful tool for interactive conversations and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Message Templates: 

Businesses utilize WhatsApp message templates, which are pre-formatted messages, to deliver notifications or customer support messages to individuals who have subscribed to receive them. Reminders for appointments, details about delivery, problem solving, and payment updates are just a few examples of messages.

Businesses can create message templates and send them for review before they send them to their customers. Or else, they can use pre-built message templates from the Meta Business Help Centre. Currently, there are five different kinds of message templates accessible. These include Text-based message templates, Media-based message templates, Interactive message templates, Location-based message templates, Authentication templates with one-time password buttons, and Multi-Product Message templates.

  • Media Sharing:

As the WhatsApp Business platform allows sharing multimedia i.e. text, image, and video, businesses can represent their services and showcase their products at best with detailed information.

  • User Access:

Unlike WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp Business API allows unlimited users and unlimited devices under one account. 

  • Analytics:

Businesses can use analytics data from WhatsApp Business Account to better understand how their clients are interacting with their messages. To improve their communications approach, businesses can monitor metrics like response, open, and delivery rates.

Is WhatsApp Business API free?

Not at all. The WhatsApp Business API pricing is free for 1000 conversations every month. After that limit, the businessmen need to pay for conversations either initiated by customers or businesses. And for the messages that are not responded to or addressed within 24 hours, they will be paid. In addition, there will be platform charges. And all these may vary from country to country.

How to get the WhatsApp Business API?

Setting up a WhatsApp Business API account is complex but not a hard task.  Let me explain this in detail.


  • Facebook Business Manager Account
  • A phone number which is not used earlier for WhatsApp
  • Business identity 
  • Compliance with business policy
  • Adequate infrastructure for API hosting

You can register for a WhatsApp Business API Account (WABA) via a BSP (Business Solution Provider) or other WhatsApp’s authorized business solutions. The BSP is the approved partner's API to access the WhatsApp API and it is here to help you throughout the process. Both are good options. However, finding a BSP partner that provides capabilities, support, or integrations that the brand benefits from more than its present setup is typically the driving force behind the migration.

So, first, apply for a WhatsApp Business account by submitting an application through one of the best WhatsApp authorized business solutions like Wati. They will review and approve your application if your business meets all requirements for choosing and WhatsApp Business Platform. After that, they will guide you through the further steps to take. 

Note that you choose a reliable provider who is adept at the implementation of API accounts. Wati WhatsApp platform helps with every step of the procedure, from verifying your company to Whatsapp Business API integration to setting up the required infrastructure. Also, they offer a cloud-based solution that does away with the hassle of hosting the API on your personal computers. Wati also guarantees that your usage of WhatsApp Business API Message Templates complies with WhatsApp's best practices, resulting in efficient and legal customer communication. 

Last but not least, availing exceptional digital marketing services in Hyderabad is like adding fuel to your WhatsApp Marketing strategy. 


To sum up, WhatsApp marketing is the best avenue to break the sales funnel and drive profits for any organization as it has 2 billion users worldwide. Businesses can reach global users with ease. In addition, with the advent of WhatsApp Business API, businesses of all sizes are now leveraging its potential to automate their efforts in services, marketing, sales, and support.

What are you waiting for? Harness the power of the WhatsApp Business Platform for seamless conversations at scale!

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