How to promote an e-commerce business by using digital marketing techniques

How to promote an e-commerce business by using digital marketing techniques

In the present era, every operation of marketing is online. So distinguishing between the digital marketing type is challenging. In this scenario, consider E-Commerce marketing, know what its definition is, and compare it with the practices such as content, search engine, and email marketing. Both digital marketing and e-commerce marketing are not exclusive. So let's know the definition of e-commerce marketing.

E-commerce Marketing is an act for driving the action and awareness toward the business that electronically sells its services and products.

E-commerce marketers utilize digital content, social media, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors' attention and facilitate online purchases.

Here we will learn to promote e-commerce business by utilizing digital marketing strategies. Before that, we need to know the kinds of e-commerce marketing,

Types of E-commerce Marketing

Content Marketing:

We will discuss here some of the ways to market your e-commerce business.

  • Write relevant blog posts on a specific niche to captivate the interest of the individuals who are interested to know about that niche. Then, when the visitors to your business get engaged with your written content, you can slowly turn them into your leads.
  • Optimize your product pages for product and short-driven keywords that involves the product name. Ensure to include the right keywords in page titles, image alt text, and headers. It ensures that the search engine shows the user your e-commerce store for the correct query.
  • Create the guest posts for the external websites to make the customers get close to your e-commerce store.
  • It is better to put product videos on YouTube. It will offer customers many chances to come across your e-commerce store through YouTube videos.
    Always embed a key-driven FAQ section to your e-commerce website.

Social Media Marketing:

Every business people promote their online stores on social media networks to connect with the customers and post the information they need. Being an e-commerce marketer, you can do it similarly. However, your running campaigns might be slightly different because every social network platform may not suit your business requirements. Many e-commerce businesses show off their products, so they have visually attractive e-commerce websites.

The success of your e-commerce business relies on the imagery used to drive traffic and attention to your product pages.

For example, Instagram is the perfect place for your e-commerce business as it allows you to post sharp product photography and extend your item’s reach beyond the page of purchasing.

You can pick the social media posts further after designing shoppable content. It is the content that allows visitors to visit your website to purchase your products right away. It can incorporate anything within a social feed having display ads to extra tags that can lead the consumers directly to your online shopping cart. These strategies will help and guide you in eradicating any pressure from the process of buying.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing but holds great value in the e-commerce marketing world. You can easily automate email marketing. However, while preparing for the email list, you need to be careful to maintain trust between your leads.

Here are the two ways an e-commerce marketer might utilize email marketing:

Many individuals abandon the shopping cart for distinct reasons. At this point, sending emails reminds the customers who left items in the shopping cart to finish the checkout procedure, provide assistance, and suggest other related things to make them come again to visit your e-commerce store.
Send a post-purchase follow-up email to help build an excellent bond between e-commerce store service providers and customers.

Affiliate Marketing:

According to research, about 81% of brands take on affiliate marketing. So e-commerce sites employ good affiliates that work to sell your service or product based on commission.

They create interest in your e-commerce products using effective old-fashioned tactics. They do this by utilizing content marketing, paid advertising, and other ways to get traffic to your product pages.

E-Commerce Marketing Tips:

You can find various tactics of e-commerce marketing to make visitors visit your online e-commerce store. Let’s discuss the creative routes through which you can market your e-commerce business.For example, in the present market, Qwipo is one stop B2B marketplace providing you with FMCG and grocery items. It is the best grocery suppliers in Hyderabad which expanded its sales and brought more customers through e-commerce business.

Social Media Mockups:

Social media mockups are a great way to promote your business on social media. They allow you to showcase the best parts of your brand, while still maintaining a professional appearance. If you’re new to social media but want to get started, these templates will help get you started.

Capitalizing on User Generated Content(UGC):

User-generated content is all about finding specific routes for your consumers to promote and share your e-commerce business.

It operates in two different ways:

  • One is to drive traffic to your e-commerce store and
  • Another one is creating authentic people to follow you to offer them what they are interested in.

You can drive UGC in three ways:

  • First, a consumer enters the contest by showcasing your product somehow.
  • Second, on review platforms where users can share their opinion regarding your product.
  • Third, using social media hashtags where the customers share their content with hashtags present in it.

Invest your time in live chat:

You might have heard about the term chatbots. Using them is a way to employ live chat methods. For example, based on your business size, you can interact with the available live person to chat with your store visiting customers.

Investing in live chat will automatically prove efficient while individuals browse through your store to get immediate answers. And also, during the checkout process, it will melt the obstacles just before purchasing your product.

Implementing a responsive website design:

Your e-commerce marketing strategy that you are working on should incorporate responsive design. The e-commerce marketing tactics can be easily viewable through any device.

You can observe that people visit different e-commerce sites every day through laptops, Smartphones, or tablets. So a responsive design in your website can make the customers read the content with ease and navigate throughout the website.

Cater to the shopping cart:

We have already discussed the reasons why many people abandon their shopping carts. It all comes down to trust in your business, the delivery system, and the product. So it is essential to find ways to mitigate the customers not abandon the cart.

The ways are like:

  • Immediate access to customer support.
  • Transparent and straightforward return policy
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Superior options of delivery

Utilize personalization:

Most companies see an increase in their revenue when they are using personalization. It is finding a path to cater to people within the materials of marketing that you already possess. It is tailoring your outputs to reflect the unique customer needs.
Personalization makes you capable of moving individuals along a buyer's journey quickly. Other than searching for what they require, you must put it before you. It will make it easier for them to take a particular action: buying something.

Build a loyalty program:

If you have a loyal customer, you already have a long-time customer ready to buy products or services only from your e-commerce store online. To make your customer reliable, you need to build a loyalty program.

Providing incentives and offers to your customer to make them continue doing business with you is possible through loyalty programs. Be aware and careful while building a loyalty program, so you require some planning because the efforts pay off in UGC, retention, referrals, etc.

The things you need to consider while creating a loyalty program are:

  • Generating word of mouth marketing(WOMM)
  • Referral marketing
  • Reviews
  • Case studies and
  • Testimonials etc.

E-commerce Marketing Strategy

Here are the tricks to create a proper e-commerce marketing method for your online e-commerce store.

Set the objectives relying upon industry benchmarks:

You can utilize a few standards to measure your goals based on your business size, location, and industry. These standards are known as industry benchmarks. In addition, you need to consider objectives like customer acquisition cost, conversion rates, click-through rates, and website clicks. Later, compare those standards with other businesses of e-commerce in your specific area.

Divide your strategy into little tactics:

You can find several routes in digital marketing for an e-commerce business to create a marketing strategy for your online store. However, it is best to concentrate on some key strategies that can get you high ROI, design action items, and the one that is most accessible to you.

For instance, if you have decided to concentrate on the paid method to let customers go through your store, you have to do some necessary actions like:

  • Setting up a Google Ads account.
  • Determine the time and efforts spent on ads
  • Creating an ad group depending on your target keywords and
  • Observing your account every day.

Satisfy your new and long term customers:

Marketing the product doesn’t stop, even after making a sale. When someone becomes your customer, you have to nurture, engage, and satisfy them.

You can make your existing customers support your success for a long time. You can also target specific audiences through testimonials, word of mouth, reviews, and case studies.


At their disposal, many e-commerce businesses use different marketing tools. So utilizing digital marketing and inbound marketing correctly can make you create campaigns that can help your online e-commerce store attract customers and increase your business to grow. Reach out to Tvisha Technologies to get the best e-commerce services.

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