How Online Reputation Management Is Important For Every E-Commerce Business     

How Online Reputation Management Is Important For Every E-Commerce Business     

Online is all about your reputation. Today, consumers are paying more attention to reputed companies than ever before. Research from review sites shows that ninety percent of online shoppers don't buy anything from a company with a bad reputation. In the past, reputation management was a passive tactic that brands only used if something went wrong in their organization. Now,  it has become a necessity for brands of all sizes to have a proactive Online Reputation Management Strategy for E-Commerce, where priority is given to continuous communication and transparency. This aims to build a relationship of trust with customers.

The building blocks of a reliable online reputation

To find out which aspects influence an online reputation and its credibility, review sites have surveyed 1,627 online shoppers. This research focuses on:

  • What online shoppers regard as a good online reputation.
  • What today's online shoppers expect from online companies.
  • How you can increase customer confidence during the buying process.
  • Why reviews, transparency, and openness are the key to success.

The importance of a modern reputation management Services

Online reputation management is more important than ever. The research shows that consumers give great importance to brand reputation. They are particularly influenced by information that can be found online. Active and modern online visibility and transparency are an absolute must for every organization. A good online reputation is number one for building brand confidence. This is possible when you adopt the best Online Reputation Management Companies with good research.

A striking conclusion from the study is that the biggest factor that reduces customer confidence is when companies remove negative ratings (95 percent).

The online reputation and visibility of a brand are more important than ever

Research from Google research shows that 42 percent of consumers first target online research before they visit a store. Shoppers always and everywhere have access to the internet and to the online reputation of your company. The research shows that consumers mainly compare prices (77.5 percent), search for safe payment methods (66.2 percent), a generic search for information about your brand (61.9 percent) and see if coupons or discount promotions are available (60 percent).

Reviews are the backbone of your online reputation

Monitoring customers’ reviews is one of the main strategy in Digital Marketing for E-Commerce Business as Consulting reviews have almost always been part of the search process. Today, 93 percent of consumers read reviews before making an online purchase. This makes reviews one of the best channels to build a good online reputation. Reviews are seen by consumers as an indicator of transparency and reliability. Only 9.3 percent trust a brand with zero reviews.

The growing importance of transparency and openness

In fact, customers rely more on a brand with positive and negative reviews than a brand that only has positive reviews. Research from Fakespot shows that 52 percent of the reviews on and thirty percent of the reviews on were fake, not authentic, and unreliable. It is therefore important that you actively monitor the reviews on your platform to remove false feedback.

Trustpilot's research also shows that not only reviews have a major impact on customer opinions and their purchasing decisions but also other factors such as mentioned below play a role. Read on to know.

When a good online reputation becomes more important than a low price

More than 83 percent of customers would prefer a product with good ratings to a product without ratings, even if the price was slightly more expensive. And interestingly, 81.7 percent of customers would prefer a product from a company known to be socially responsible for a product from a company that is known for a recent scandal, even if it meant paying a little more.

The most important steps for building a brand reputation

As you can read above, consumers are more likely to buy from a transparent brand with a good reputation. But what can you do to gain the trust of your customers? The report describes the six steps for building a good brand reputation:

  • Strive for radical transparency.
  • Ask customers to talk publicly about your brand.
  • Monitor what customers say about you and learn from it.
  • Stay open about criticism and address it publicly.
  • Consider taking a social position.
  • Look for tools that can help you.

Social Media with E-Commerce

Also Social media aid on an Online Reputation for Management for E-Commerce. By sharing your content via social media, you can also get your visitors from these channels through regular news and product information.  The number of followers is not important but their commitment. Make sure they become ambassadors for your company or brand and share your messages. Because you build a relationship with your customers, they are more willing to share this on social media. Tools can also be used here. Make a good social media plan: which social media channels are you going to use and how do you integrate this into your webshop?

There is a lot possible, which often means that it will cost you a lot of time. It is therefore advisable to work this out well, preferably with someone who knows more about it. I would like to think along with you about the content. Together with the top-notch Online Reputation Management Services can make your webshop more successful.


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