Importance of social media marketing for event promotions

Importance of social media marketing for event promotions

Social media and events, it's a match made in heaven. Because social media management company for event promotion are ideal in the preliminary phase, to take your community with you, to reach new potential, to load your event, etc. etc. During the event, you and your visitors ensure an even greater reach by sharing and afterwards it provides a powerful follow-up process and is immediately your stage for the prelude to next coming years.

With the overcrowded schedules and proliferation of events, it is of the utmost importance to work on the marketing and promotion of your own event. How do you get the desired guests at your event? Social media for event promotions can play an excellent role in this.

Why is Social Media Marketing necessary for your event promotion?

Social media is an important tool to promote your business and can help you reach certain target groups. It increases your brand awareness and visibility online. In addition, you can attract new customers with social media. By using social advertising you can target different target groups that you want to reach. More about that later.

By posting content about your details and events on a daily basis, your company will stand out to potential customers. The more often they hear about your brand, the sooner potential customers will try and reach your promotions. By continuously posting and setting up campaigns, can ensure that the target audience feels involved with the company. And the great thing about social media is that you determine the costs yourself.

Role of social media marketing for event promotions

Here lets see how social media marketing is actually making an important role while, before, after the event promotions ideas.

Before an event

Pre-communication on social media allows you to maintain the interaction with the attendees. Answering questions quickly and effectively, teasing regularly with facts, in short, maintaining the service to your target audience perpetuates the feeling of personal contact and increases the personal bond of your target audience with your brand. In addition, social media makes visible what was previously invisible. Who follows whom? What do people like? What are they interested in? By announcing your event on Facebook you will be able to get a better picture of those who will be attending.

During an event

Now that we are all going mobile, it is important to choose an effective mobile channel during your event, which is not only fast, but also expects little input from the end user. Following that trend, using Facebook Messenger can be very convenient. After all: reach your customer where he is already.

Because Messenger is already a user-friendly channel to meet up with friends, acquaintances or colleagues, as a company you can only use it immediately and provide your guest with important updates before, during or after the event. Make sure that the information is as accessible as possible and does not require extra effort from the visitor. After all, he is busy with completely different things at an event. Find out how you can package your information in a surprising and rich way.

The possibility to now also integrate bots within Messenger offers even more possibilities to create interaction with the visitor in an easy way. In addition, the use of videos is a must. We see it more and more: stories and 'going live' are becoming increasingly important to reach the target audience.Communicating on the spot conveys the 'live experience' content to those who are not present, but are curious about what you do. So wrap your message in video material and bring your event even more to life. It will only improve the brand awareness of your company and the affinity with your brand when live streaming events

After an event

Research on the basis of social media marketing services also gives you an insight into the behavior of your visitors, which can better prepare you for a similar event in the future. To strengthen the online relationship with your target audience, you also pay attention to the reactions that visitors place on the various channels after the event. Embrace all the glowing comments and thank the visitors who posted the comment. In the case of a less positive message, you can start a conversation with the person in question and turn the negative comment into something positive in your answer.

Social Media platforms for event promotions

There are a lot of social media for event promotion to be found, but a number of channels really rise above the rest in terms of popularity.

1. Facebook:

When you think of social media, Facebook is one of the largest platforms in the world. It is actually a must to have a presence on Facebook with your company. It is a useful platform for sharing content about your company, such as the introduction of new products and / or services, changes in opening hours or offers. With Facebook Business Manager, or Business Manager, you can create a business profile with your company. Business Manager is a tool to organize and manage your business. With the Business Manager you can create posts and put budgets behind them. The business account gives you options to target specific audiences based on location, interests, behavior and age.

2. Instagram:

Perhaps the most important online platform in 2021. It is the perfect social media channel to show your creativity as a company. In addition to sharing options for videos and photos, you can also use Instagram stories. A handy tool to announce promotions. Especially if you want to reach a younger target group, this social media channel is a must. With your Business Manager in Facebook, you can also set up posts and stories for Instagram, where you can set budgets and target a specific audience.

3. Twitter:

With Twitter you can spread your message in just a few words. It's a great way to keep up to date with how your brand is being talked about. All pieces of information that you can use to make your business more successful. You can also create a business account for Twitter, which you can advertise on.

4. Pinterest:

The Pinterest platform connects users through shared interests such as fashion, cooking, interior design, wedding planning and more. Users can save Pins (content they find interesting) and add them to their own boards. It can therefore also be interesting to advertise via Pinterest. You do this via Business Pinterest. The ad formats help you reach pinners who are looking for useful ideas for everyday life.

Tips how to promote event through social media channels

Below let's discuss the event promotion tips that will take your event to the next level in reaching the targeted audience.

Use a good hashtag #

Every event deserves a hashtag. Use the hashtag consistently and show the # wherever possible: in your own social media content, the website, in mailings, at the event, in content on your own site, that's what it's all about.

Let all partners also help

Encourage visitors and potential visitors, but certainly also partners, suppliers and other stakeholders as speakers to promote via social media and use the hashtag, for example. Not only does it create an online community, but involvement can also be easily measured, managed and responded to.

Turn visitors into promoters

Do not stop at partners and so-called stakeholders, but also focus mainly on visitors and guests. Give them a discount or incentive if they help with the promotion via social media. As ambassadors, have them promote the event to their peers. Here too it is smart to provide visitors with promotional material.

Create online communities

Social media makes it possible to create a community of future visitors long before the event. So people can already be brought together there under the 'banner' of an event that is yet to come. Almost all social media offer possibilities to set up groups or promote events, make use of that. Knowing that most visitors still come for networking, it is smart to feed, direct and activate this before and after the event.

Expectation management and content sharing

Social media are ideally suited to achieve realistic expectation management. Share what's available at the event, answer questions and respond in groups that talk about your event. It is advisable to share content from speakers in advance and to ask for input. It creates engagement and that is still the most powerful form of promotion.


Social media channels are the foundation for online marketing efforts. Whatever social media channel you are active on, it is important to inform your followers about your new events. Social media platforms are great for sending regular updates and announcements about your event to increase awareness. It is important that you choose the right digital marketing services agency who can promote and reach the right audience with their marketing strategies.





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