Why Online Marketing Is Necessary For Travel Companies?

Why Online Marketing Is Necessary For Travel Companies?

Most of the Indian travel companies miss out on opportunities in online marketing.

Hotels and car rental companies are digitally the most mature compared to other travel providers. Our research has mapped out for maximum cities in India - including the Hyderabad how digitally mature the various subcategories in the travel industry are. Relevantly, our Digital Marketing Agency research looked at five factors which are mentioned below:

  • The first three concerns customer demand for online interaction and services, which is measured by looking at the number spent on Google, the share of smartphones mentioned and the online booking volume.
  • The other two revolve around how companies with online marketing respond to customer behavior. This is assessed by looking at advertising coverage (how often an advertisement is displayed), advertising depth and the cost per click.

This shows that accommodations perform the strongest in terms of search volume and associated advertisements. The highest proportion of mobile searches was measured at train companies. Airlines have the most online bookings. Car rental companies score particularly high on online marketing: they perform well both in terms of coverage and in terms of depth, which is not surprisingly leading to the highest costs per click.

Search engine marketing for Travel Agency

  • Search volume: The search volume is an important indicator of online bookings and, according to our research, is growing across the board. The number of searches is greatest in the accommodation subcategory, probably because the range of hotels and holiday homes is very fragmented.
  • Mobile searching: More and more searches are being made on a mobile device. Being the highest growth opportunity, SEO campaigns can be specifically designed to raise visibility in mobile search results. Research says Smartphones account for 42 percent of travel-related questions and terms entered in Google.
  • Online bookings: As stated above, when booking online, the airlines are in the lead and the rack is not out yet. The relatively high share online at train companies is surprising, which indicates a digital catch-up. Digital Marketing Companies does note that consumers do a lot of online research into their journey (87 percent of all bookings) but 42 percent of that is completed offline. The so-called ROPO behavior (Research Online, Purchase Offline) is most common in package travel. The share of ROPO customers does a decrease in all subcategories. That means that more and more customer journeys are completely online.
  • Ad Coverage: As mentioned, advertising coverage is the number of searches associated with a relevant online ad. For searches related to car rental, cruises, package tours, and accommodations, advertisements appear eight to nine out of ten times.
  • Ad depth: The term advertising depth refers to the competition for available ad places. On average, half is filled by travel parties. Here compares this with India and finds that the players from the different travel categories use the available slots about as often, with the exception of package holidays. That market seems more competitive in our country (India).
  • Social media marketing for Travel Agency
  • Social media are market places of opinion: Customers like to express their (un) satisfied via social media when it comes to vacations or travel. However, only 16% of Tours and Travel Marketing Agency indicate that they apply a strategy for this. So there is still a big chance for the market here.
  • Being at the customer place: They must go to customers and be present during all phases of the travel process. Research shows that 34% of travel agencies have their own Facebook fan page, which seems to be the ideal medium for a travel agency to be able to be in contact throughout the entire journey process and to interact with the customer. No less than 10% do not yet have their own website, according to our research, this is the least that you need as a travel agency to be where your customer is.
  • Advising on the online and offline process: Social media bridges the gap between online and offline. By being present online and offline for your customers, travel marketing companies offers the possibility to be reachable for its customers in all ways. This is to help them as optimally as possible with questions such as questions.
  • Use opportunities for sales:The selling of experiences is all about a good relationship with the customer and personal contact. In addition to communication, this also provides a piece of branding with Social Media Marketing Services.
  • The customers bind; win new customers:29% of the consumers questioned to share the travel offer they have received from the travel agency on Facebook. Here many viral possibilities are still unused to promote its services. Respond to this!


To review, the blasting effect of Online Marketing for a Travel agency is the main motivation behind why the travel industry and hospitality organizations are having an edge over different enterprises.  Many verticals are actively participating and trying to adopt the best digital marketing agencies and their strategies are that they cautiously investigate how customers cooperate with encompassing situations while traveling.

This causes them to perceive the current client needs and give wanderlust what they need so as to make the “WOW” impact resultantly guarantee repeat deals.

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