Not long ago, Radiance Hair Transplant was a fledgeling, struggling to sprout into a healthy outfit in the dense crop of hair treatment and growth providers. Despite their pronounced expertize in the relevant field, RHT was caught in the cross hairs of bald digital marketing campaigns and thick budgetary spreads. Result was a catastrophic fall in revenues for the business.

Time changes!

Now, Radiance become as a one-stop solution for the best hair transplant solution in the health industry through us.

Delivering top ranking digital marketing services with focus on growing sustainable clientiele.
  • Increase conversions for the treatment by reducing investment for the Treatment.
  • Make the keywords to appear in SERP with the services pages.
  • Reduce the bounce rate and to improve the user interaction.
You need
Online Marketing Goals
Local SEO & Organic Search Engine Traffic
Launching Google
Search Ads
SEO Activities
As per their industry, they have selected some keywords related to multiple services and the home page for getting rank in the Google’s result page. However, the user engagement is very low and the bounce rate increased up to 90%.
  • We rebuilt the customer's on-page setups with more user interaction. Separated the keywords according to the services.
  • Did audit of previous off-page activities and backlink analysis. Applied various methods to reconstruct the site.
PPC Campaigns
As can be observed from the following information, the number of impressions and clicks were high and the number of conversions very low. Lots of people were seeing the ads, but few people were taking action.
  • We rebuilt the customer's AdWords campaign from the ground up. The account was split into meaningful campaigns that targeted specific demographics. Ad Groups were built within each campaign. And targeted ads were written for specific audiences within each group.
Improved the rankings and reduced the bounce rate. We have generated nearly 500 leads in the past 3 months.
In comparing the first month of running the six ad groups to the month before, the conversion went up to 80% and the conversion cost went down from 2000 to 180 per lead.


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