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Ananya is a 10 year old Hyderabad based learning centre working to improve the development process of children with Autism, ADHD and Learning Disabilities. Their vision is to deliver measurable outcomes for children with developmental delays and special needs through integration of specialist therapies, parent support and training.
NCC Urban is a well-known and experienced Infrastructure entity. Equipped with a world class building techniques and state-of-the-art building infrastructure that is expertly commandeered by top-notch professionals. It spread its wings across diversified types of buildings such as Residential and commercial complexes, townships, SEZs and serviced apartment complexes.
Not long ago, Radiance Hair Transplant was a fledgeling, struggling to sprout into a healthy outfit in the dense crop of hair treatment and growth providers. Despite their pronounced expertize in the relevant field, RHT was caught in the cross hairs of bald digital marketing campaigns and thick budgetary spreads. Result was a catastrophic fall in revenues for the business.
Year old conglomeration of talented musicians which was finding its feet in the effervescent Music and affluent Movie industry.Playing out soul stirring and hip hop beats to the accompaniment of foot tapping and exuberant audience, the Merakee has been inching to fame by virtue of its dint of hard work coupled with mouth of word advertisement. Their effort to reach out to a wider audience segment has resulted in their seeking for services of digital marketing agency. The rendezvous with GeeksChip was the turning point for the Band.
Troop Messenger is an instant messaging team collaboration tool developed by Tvisha Systems Pvt. Ltd. All the variants of the application, such as desktop, mobile, and web, have been launched in the year 2017. It allows seamless communication across team members within the companies. This feature-rich business chat application is a sure fit for all sizes of organizations. The application is cross-platform enabled. It is available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Web, Android, and iOS.
Tvisha Technologies is a grown-up mobile app development company which develops Industry best mobile apps for business leaders and entrepreneurs, etc. and provides e- solutions for diverse industries. Tvisha’s main target is Business Generation throughout the world.

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ProQuest is the only gym in the twin cities that maintains unmatched standards in meeting the Fitness needs of its clients. It has the amenities such as a full-fledged Aerobic studio, Spinning Studio, and a Cardio Kick Boxing Studio equipped with DJ console and Lasers.
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