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ProQuest is the only gym in the twin cities that maintains unmatched standards in meeting the Fitness needs of its clients. It has the amenities such as a full-fledged Aerobic studio, Spinning Studio, and a Cardio Kick Boxing Studio equipped with DJ console and Lasers. ProQuest gives equal importance to exercise and diet. In this endeavor, the gym is equipped with a 'Bio Impedance Body Composition Analyzer' that gives a snapshot of one's body's composition in terms of fat, muscle, and bone mass.

Challenges faced
The organization had aggressive growth goals and was looking for a Digital Marketing partner that would be held accountable for a range of key performance indicators (KPIs).
You need
Online Marketing Goals
Local SEO & Organic Search Engine Traffic
Relevant audience base in Facebook
Launching Google
Search Ads
Local SEO Activities
  • Listing the locations on Google Map.
  • Optimizing Business Generation keywords.
  • Optimizing the locations based on the selected Keywords.
Local SEO Appearance
Below is the search results page which shows Proquest Fitness Google Listing with the Keyword “Best gym in Secunderabad”
Google PPC Campaigns
A Google PPC Campaign was set up so that it would appear on mobiles and desktop within the radius of 4kms from the gym. Once they click on the ad, it will direct the users to the landing page.
Facebook Lead Generation
The lead generation ads were pushed through Facebook. We diligently planned our targeting people and narrowed it down to the people who fit the following profile and those who residing in Secunderabad location.
Proquest Fitness listing has appeared on the top 3 of mapped google listing on Google search engine for business-related keyword searches.
Through Local SEO, we have generated 80 calls and 120 website visit clicks.
Lead Generation campaign yielded 110 leads in March – April, 2019.
Cost per lead is Rs.70.
The PPC campaign has generated about 473 clicks and 58 leads for Proquest Fitness.
Cost per click is Rs. 3.96.


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